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Head Gasket Repair...In a Bottle!

Award winning Steel Seal is the simplest, most effective head gasket repair on the market in fact we are so confident Steel Seal will repair your blown head gasket it comes with a no quibble money back guarantee!

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If you are looking for a simple DIY pour in head gasket fix that will save you thousands against a mechanical repair then look no further than Steel Seal head gasket repair.

Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair creates a seal (as the name suggests) that will set like steel, this will repair the leaks in the cylinder head gasket permanently.

Steel Seal can be used in all types of vehicles and engines with a water cooling system regardless of whether your vehicle is petrol or diesel. Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair has a solid track record of repairing cars, bikes, vans, pickups, 4x4's, tractors, lorries and was once even used in an aeroplane!

Does Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair work?

In short yes, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

We have won several industry awards and have a vast amount of repeat customers along with their testimonials.

We do not claim Steel Seal will fix every blown head gasket as sometimes the damage is simply too severe, but if you catch your problem early there is no product on the market with a higher success rate of fixing a blown head gasket. In the unlikely event Steel Seal does fail to repair your head gasket, you can claim your money back under the terms of our guarantee which has been underwritten by an independent third party for your peace of mind in the unlikely event you need to make a claim.

Will Steel seal block or clog my cooling system?

No, Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair will not block or clog your cooling system or cause any damage to your vehicle. Unlike other products making similar claims Steel Seal contains no fibrous material to seal your blown head gasket. It relies on a thermo chemical bonding process which is a chemical reaction, to seal the leak in your blown head gasket.

What will Steel Seal Fix?

It will fix all types of Head Gasket Failure, cracked blocks, dropped liners and warped heads to name a few.

Engines up to 2.0 litre engine capacity will only need 1 bottle, engines 2.0-4.0 litre will require 2 and any engines over 4.0 litre will require 3 bottles. Please make sure you use the correct dosage of Steel Seal on your vehicle as this forms part of the guarantee but don't worry, should it not work we will refund up to 3 bottles.

Where can I get Steel Seal?

We are currently growing our list of stockists in Australia, but you can order online directly from Steel Seal through our secure checkout and we will deliver direct to your door. Alternatively you can contact us on (02) 8221 9447.


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